Our Story

Over the Years

circa 1500-1520

Founding of Gharka Village

Two brothers Gharka and Chamba set up camp on the banks of the river Beas. It is said that they also had three other brothers named Rurka, Varnala, and Ghariala.


circa 1526-1550

Dispersal of the brothers

Varnala and Ghariala convert to Islam; left the river banks for the plains; and built up their own separate villages in their own names. Gharka and Chamba separatedas well. Gharka stayed where he was and Chamba built up the village Chamba at the banks of the river where earlier stood an abandoned run-down village. As time passed, the river changed its direction and the residents of Chamba moved away from the old and abandoned run-down village and settled down close to Gharka. After a while, the residents of Chamba moved and settleddownfarther away and so that village came to be known as Chamba Kalan.


Formation of Karmuwala

A group of villagers from Gharka decide to move  and set up their houses closer to their fields in Karmuwala ( a Patti in Gharka) . Over time more families joined and Karmuwala Patti became a distinct village by itself.


Arrival of Sikhs in Singapore

65 Sikhs arrive in Singapore to form the Sikh Police Contingent


Sunder Singh Arrives in Singapore!

Sunder Singh (alias Racha Singh) arrives in Singapore for the first time. He likely embarked from Calcutta on a tramp steamer like most other Sikhs coming to Malaya. He is the first from Karmuwala to reach the shores of Singapore.


Birth of Massa Singh

Bhan Singh’s eldest son Massa Singh is born in Karmuwala, India.

15 Feb 1915

Start of Sepoy Mutiny in Singapore

27 Dec 1915

Sunder Singh appears in the papers (first time)

Sunder Singh, contributes the most ($25) as a private person to the Malay State Guides for their Christmas Box.

Source:  The Straits Times, 27 December 1915, Page 8


Birth of Hardit Singh

Sunder Singh’s eldest son, Hardit Singh is born in Karmuwala, India

Apr 1916

Sunder Singh joins the Sikh Advisory Board

Sunder Singh’s occupation was listed as “Contractor”

Source: Malaya Tribune., 29 April 1916, Page 9

circa 1916-1917

Ranga Singh arrives in Singapore

Pal Singh’s son, Ranga Singh arrives in Singapore

circa LATE 1920S

Massa Singh arrives in Singapore

27 Jun 1936

Hardit Singh appointed to the Sikh Advisory Board

Hardit Singh appointed to the Sikh Advisory Board for the first time following the resignation of his father Sunder singh from the board.

Source: Malaya Tribune, 27 June 1936, Page 12

To Be Continued....